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Thinking about taking the guts from my 17" SVGA Sony Trinitron monitor and using it on the 10" Sony Trinitron CC monitor, in order to use my CC with a MacMini. Looking for higher resolution than 640x480 and a simpler solution than trying to tie into the CCs analogue board as well as losing it altogether. Anyone know of any inherent problems with doing that?

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Could work - but probably not

Generally, you can increase the CC monitor's resolution by installing the guts of a larger, higher-res Trinitron (i.e. Sony) monitor. The essential guts include the analog board (the main video circuit board, which usually includes the monitor's power supply); and the video board (the silver box-encased small board that goes on the rear of the CRT neck).

You can also transplant the larger monitor's yoke, but you can also keep the CC's original yoke - you might want to experiment with both.

All that said, you're likely going to have one problem: because the CC's CRT is smaller than your Sony monitor's, you may have to push the yoke (whichever yoke you use) farther up towards the front of the CRT than its original position - otherwise the color and convergence will be totally out of whack. I believe this is because the larger monitor's video circuitry "expects" a much larger depth - a larger CRT is deeper.

At any rate, as you move the yoke forward to get the proper color and convergence, you start to have two other problems: (1) the display area gets narrow because the yoke is so close to the front of the CRT neck that it doesn't have the "length" to project the image out wide enough. i.e. you get vertical black bars on the left and right edges of the screen, and the computer's display appears a little bit squished; and (2) you just run out of neck and the yoke is pushed up against the wide part of the CRT.

I experienced these two problems myself; fortunately I was able to position the yoke in such a way as to get good color and convergence, while still maintaining a decent (though not ideal) display width. BUT, that was with the guts of a 13" Trinitron monitor. If you use the guts of a 17" monitor, you may not be able to make it work, as the focal length difference between a 17" and 10" is much more than between a 13" and 10".

Good luck, though - let us know if it works!


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I see ... yes makes perfect sense. Glad to hear from someone who's done it. I did find this online which would be ideal, though the company no loner sells it and it was the only reference to a 10" Trinitron I could find. Guess I will start trolling eBay ...but it is good to know that the Color Classic was not the only implementation of the 10" Sony color monitor capable of SVGA resolution. If I can find one of these, it should be a simple swap that will work well on a CC. Thanks!

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Looking at [url=

Looking at repairfaq, section 14.15, it - while unfortunately vague - says it is possible, but seems to imply that the chances of success are better when the monitors are at least similar, and potentially interesting if they're not.

This might be moot anyway, as the yoke pins may not match that of the 17"

Tread carefully. There will be a difference in voltage, as the 17" board is going to put out power to meet the higher demands of a 17" CRT.

The Mac Color Plus monitor was a good fit to the CC yoke, and even that I had a world of problems, and never did get it to a point where I'd consider it usable.

Someone else here a few years back got a POS monitor (that's Point of Sale, thank-you Wink ) about the same size as the CC's monitor and replaced the whole shebang.


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9" Sony TV?

Wonder if it would be possible to use a Sony 17" SVGA digital board with a 9" Sony TV analogue board. I have an old one lying around. Unless the yoke pins are completely different on a TV CRT than a SVGA CRT, or the two technologies are totally incompatible. Don't know how they work exactly, but I would think it would just be a matter of the kind of signal that's input to the analogue board.

As for voltage, I should think it could be adjusted on any analogue board, I think the bugger issue with a 17" analogue board is the color convergence as discussed above.