Can I load OS 9 with OS 10

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I just got a G3/Ibook and it came with a new installed 10.4.3 OS. I have many OS 9 applications do run. Can I load OS 9.2.2 along side the OS 10?


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yes you can, That machine can

yes you can, That machine can dual boot OS 9 as well as use the system folder in Classic Mode, the emulation layer in OS X. Not all apps work in classic, so you will need to dual boot.

Just take your system folder (9.1-9.2.2), and drop it on to the hard drive at the root level. Then, open up system preferences, and go to the classic pref, and wait for it to find the system folder, click the box to start classic at login, and then go back to the prefs, and go to the Startup Disk control panel. Check to see if the System Folder (mac OS 9) is detected. when you are in OS 9, to get back to OS X, just go to the apple menu>control panels>Startup Disk, and choose the System, it should say Mac OS X, and click restart, and it will reboot in to OS X.

hope that helps.

-digital Wink