Best Graphics Card?

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can anybody tell me what the best graphics card is for a G4 sawtooth? Currently ive got a mac flashed PC Radeon 7000 and was hoping for something better, something that supports core image?



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The question is more, how muc

The question is more, how much are you willing to risk at flashing a PC video card? You have many to choose from, but some have a better success rate than others. Go here:
Otherwise, there's always a couple of guys on eBay selling cards they've flashed and give detailed descriptions of their capabilities.

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Ive bought several

Radeon 8500's on ebay. Im sure they are flashed, but Ive never had problems with them. I can get you the seller if you want. I agonized a bit over whether or not to purchase them, your AGP options are severely limited and dropping by the minute. Flashed 7000, 8500 and mac version 9000 are overpriced *if* you can even find them.

I just went through my old paypal, here is a link to his current items on ebay. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him. I can vouch for his products, Ive bought 3 radeon cards from him and all have worked perfectly:



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Isn't that the guy who steals

Isn't that the guy who steals ROMs from the strangedogs/former strangedogs people and sells them as his own?
There are at least a few threads about him on the old strangedogs forum.


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get a reflashed Radeon 9800. These babies are killer for everything you can do on the G4.