Help with internet on a Mac SE FDHD

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Im a 13 year old mac lover. I just bought a DaynaPORT SCSI/Link-T yesterday off ebay. I am trying to get internet on my Mac SE. I am running mac system 7.0.1 and i got a 40MB hard drive, 4mb of RAM, and a DB-25 SCSI port i connected my DaynaPORT. I set up my info in macTCP control panel, but i am not sure if i should use manual or dynamicly get my ip address. I got comcast high speed internet. But i have been experiencing problems like i cant get to the internet but i can get to the LAN side of our router but not the WAN. Take a look at my pics for some details. I have even tried to browse by ip address. It seems that NAT is not working correctly. I am using a motorola router.

Thanks in advance,

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You should have a NAT router

You should have a NAT router as well. If you only have the modem and a hub or switch, you do not have NAT. You can get a cheap NAT router at pretty much any electronics store. That being said, you should set it to DHCP once you get a NAT router setup.

Edit: I can't seem to find your pictures either..

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hi young guy

you are the youngest man that I have ever see to play macintosh.ur problem I can give you a answer.

i am not sure if i should use manual or dynamicly get my ip address.

in truth,os 7.6.1 you can use mactcp and connect internet.I tried it.but only can use manual and type one ip adress that router can accept,like∼200.after os7.6.1 will in addition of TCP/IP and dhcp,these component in control panel---tcp/ip to choice.

I know this DaynaPORT SCSI/Link-T.early 68K macintosh connect to is so if you can use it, it is easy way.hope you a lot of fun in it.

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use manual IP

Use manual IP settings, those old Apple networking bits don't work well with 'modern' DHCP servers (eg: your router.)

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