Pinout for ibook or powerbook g4 12" ?

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Hi guys
Can any one help with a pinout for the 12" build in screen on an iBook G3/G4 or TiBook/powerbook

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nope, but . . .

. . . I'm interested to know why you want them. Eh?

The pinouts are out there, search for terms like {LVDS LCD connector pinout}. Keep in mind, knowing the pinout and being able to do anything with 'em are two very different things. LVDS-cabled displays require special driver hardware, not cheap, nor easy to find (at least in the case of the weird-rez TiBook LCDs.)

dan k


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I have a project in mind

By the way the pin out I'm looking for is actually from the display control board to the mother board... I hoping to connect it external to a computer through VGA

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like Dr. Webster said, u migh

like Dr. Webster said, u might want to pay a visit to


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