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I have been going through my collection of original older apple II programs and test running them on my IIgs. All the utilities and various applications run fine and the IIgs is set to run in it's slower speed. Games, however, are a different story. Most work fine on the GS, but a few refuse to work at all. These work fine on my Apple IIc or on the Mac Color Classic with the IIe card. I am guessing these programs may not work on the GS possibly because of the copy protection used.

I have a few, though, that are causing me to pull my hair out. Sometimes they boot right up and work time they don't (very random). I have checked and adjusted my speed on both 5.25 drives very close to the 200 mark ( runs about 199.8 to 200.1 average) and I have run a 5.25 disk cleaner on both drives. Again they work fine on the IIc or the Mac IIe card ( using the same drives). Any ideas what could cause this? Any suggests to try?


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I just want to throw in here

I just want to throw in here a reminder to everyone to please make the titles of your threads descriptive so we have an idea of what the topic is about beforehand. It saves all of us some time, especially if our starting point is the recent posts page. I don't belong in the Apple II forum at all.