FS: Crescendo/PCI G3 450mhz, NewerTech 7MX71/81 300mhz G3 for 7100/8100, couple other things

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-- Sonnet Crescendo 450mHz G3 upgrade w/ 1MB L2 Cache for PCI power Macs (start $29.99)

-- Newer Tech MaxPowr 300mHz upgrade for PowerMac 7100/8100 (start $9.99)

-- Grandia for Playstation, box, no instructions, decent condition (start $9.99)

-- Electroplankton for Nintendo DS, complete (start $34.99)

-- Powerbook 3400c... I tried listing this here before with no takers, I threw it on eBay and someone with -1 feedback bid on it. I have a couple other interested buyers, but I'm waiting to see if this initial person will actually pay me or not. If you're interested, let me know and if it doesn't get paid for, I will be relisting it. (starting price was $9.99 and will be the same if I relist)

Here's a link to every item:

I also have the following which I have not listed yet:

-- Nintendo Super Scope 6 for Super Nintendo, near-complete with box, receiver, bazooka, sight, and SS6 Cartridge. Instructions are missing, box is a little beat up, and the SS6 cart has some marks, but the gun itself is nearly pristine. I'm also including three other Super Scope games; Metal Combat, Falcon's Revenge, and Yoshi's Safari, all just cartridge only.

-- Sega Dreamcast, two controllers, 1 VMU, all cleaned and in good condition. Has power/AV cable, but no box or instructions.
(I will be listing two of these batches).

If someone is interested in these, let me know and it will save me the hassle of listing them Tongue


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