help with internet on powerbook 1400cs Part 2

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i am a 13 year old boy and on my powerbook 1400cs running os 9.1 i have a asante micro en/sc. I was wandering if i have set up everything righ heres how it goes:

powerbook to a d-link switch (model: DDS-5+)

d-link switch to a d-link gigabit switch (model: DGS-2208)

d-link gigabit switch to a vonage motorola router (model: VT2142-VD)

vonage router to a comcast High speed RCA router (model: RCM305)

and RCA router to a coax cable to the world wide web.

Please tell me if there is something wrong and we only get 1 ip address from comcast thats why we use vonnage as our roughtor. Also our roughtor does support DHCP so should i select DHCP in the TCP/IP controll pannel

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If i understand this correctl

If i understand this correctly, you should have DHCP enabled on the 1400.

If you have another computer in the house you could check to see if it is using DHCP.

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most of them are using dhcp and some are manual