533mhz Dual G4 PM

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I have a clamshell iBook but I want a desktop mac and have been looking for a powermac G4 and I was reading and found there was a 533 mhz Dual PM so what is the usual resale of these and do you think they will support leopard (With the two G4's it's 1.66 Ghz) ?

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You might want to spend some

You might want to spend some money first and buy some more punctuation for your keyboard. Your post is a tough read. Wink

Check ebay to find your average price. It's been a few months since I was shopping for a G4, but expecting to pay $200+ would be a good ballpark. I see one now with a buy-it-now of $290. I think that's a bit high.

A dual processor does not offer double speed. Unless you're going to be doing a lot of video/audio encoding, you'd get better performance from the 733MHz DA model, and you may even pay less for it. I bought a 466MHz DA, and a 733MHz processor separately, and it was cheaper then buying the actual 733 system (at the time, at least). Something to consider...

Until Apple makes an official announcement, what Leopard will support is just guessing. But I doubt anything less than a gigahertz will run it comfortably.


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