unknown apple II monitor

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Hello. Anyone knows the name and model of this monitor used in early apple II systems?


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i think tht its just a standa

i think tht its just a standard security camera type monitor


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Not Apple

Thats definitely not an Apple-manufactured monitor. It could be anything...


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often seen

I don't know who made this type of monitor, but it is depicted in many of the pictures of early Apple II systems. And, perhaps it was shown with the Apple-1 as well?

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yes probably used in apple 1.

yes probably used in apple 1. I know it' s not an Apple product, that' s why i' m asking of it. I' d like to find one for apple II plus, but i don' t know the brand so it' s difficult.

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this were SANYO

this were SANYO 9" B&W monitors

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Sanyo. thank you! Beautiful i

Sanyo. thank you! Beautiful images !!

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Aftermarket monitors

Some other aftermarket monitors that work well
with early Apple systems are AMDEK, Radio Shack/
Tandy, IBM and TAXAN.

I use a TAXAN B&W (actually YELLOW TEXT) monitor
with my regular Apple //e system because I find
the yellow-on-black matrix more comfortable to
look at over extended periods vs. the Apple Green
text-on-black matrix.

All of the monitors I have listed can be found in
computer recyclers or thrift shops for next to

All of the monitors I have listed use the standard
RCA coax and plugs.

Tandy/Radio Shack displays white-on-black
TAXAN displays yellow-on-black
AMDEK displays yellow-on-black(and can be found with a color selector)
IBM displays white-on-black (and some are available with green-on-black displays
Apple is green-on-black

Hope some of this is helpful to you.


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