Funny Feature in Leopard

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I was playing with the new network tool that was hyped in the 10.5 release, and I noticed that the icons appeared differently. I saw the elegant looking mac icon which told me that there were macbooks and imacs on the network. However, there were little blue screened icons, since I was in list mode I couldn't tell what they were. I switched over to coverflow and this was what I saw.

Apple used the blue screen of death for the icon on PCs... I roared. This was just great. I hope you guys appreciate this the way I do.


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Very Funny

I saw this last week on Gadgetopia; very funny slam! I'm surprised Winders engineers didn't do something similar on Vister.


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Which begs the question of wh

Which begs the question of what would they use for the image?


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A happy Mac face :-)

A happy Mac face Smile


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I think there's already a hac

I think there's already a hack out there to replace that with a more optimistic icon... I didn't rtfa so I don't know with what...( I think it was on Digg)

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That's a very big blow to Windows users, but it also appears for any non-Apple computer. Linux shows up as this as well. Oh well... Still funny though!


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Not Really, It make window us

Not Really, It make window users feel right at home Smile

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Kinda funny but I have not se

Kinda funny but I have not seen a BSOD in a very long time...

Kernel panic screen, however...


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