Just a thought.. But would this even work?

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So I'm reading through the hacks like I like to do.. Moded my 6500/300 before I sold it to a college student in Texas.. But then again that was a few years ago..
I'm looking at my perfect color classic, and my much neglected Wallstreet G3/300 laptop.. I'm wondering if this could be a new mod. Mounting the board to the back of the CC and using an extrenal powerbrick to elevate the need for an internal ps.. Maybe connect a source'd lcd to the external vga port?
But I wonder if it would even boot without the internal keyboard connected? I don't think there is anyway to lengthen that connection. Like I said. Most of my mods have been pretty basic to say the least. Right now I'm putting a G3/300 in an atx case for my mother in law.. But this? Now this would be one hell of a mod.. But I call on the mod-gods.. Is this even worth a try?

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i have booted my old lombard

i have booted my old lombard with no keyboard or track pad hooked up before using the usb apple keyboard. your model uses adb still right? you shouldnt have a problem. you should be able to use external vga LCD monitor on that and disconnect the internal. i dont see why that wouldnt work either. plenty of people had broken their lcds and used externals yes?? you may be restricted to a certain resolution though. i think it would be fun to play around with.


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it will work fine, just use a

it will work fine, just use a adb kdb to power it up!


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