emate 300 touch screen not reasponding.

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I just bought a emate off ebay and it didn't come with a emate stylus/pen. So i used another stylus from my ipaq pda. But when i calibrate the screen by touching the X it wont work. I was wander if a stylus from an ipaq pda works on a emate 300 or do i need an emate 300 pen, if thats not the problem then what is?

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You don't need a special styl

You don't need a special stylus...just something that won't scratch the screen.

The emate screen - at least the ones I've owned - do require a bit more pressure than an iPaq or Palm.

But if you're getting no response at all, there may be a problem with the cable going to the screen. The emate hinge springs were notorious for freeing themselves and puncturing the LCD cable.

If you do a search at the top right for 'emate repair' you'll see a couple repair guides with in-progress cable repair photos.


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