Logic Board from 12" iBook 1.33 in a 14" 1.42 iBook...

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I have made a mod on a iBook G4 1.33 12" Logic board to fit in a iBook G4 14". Everything works great except for the battery charging. Actually I am not sure any of my three 14" batteries are working but the problem is that the "system" says it is charging.
The orange light on the connector, the flash symbol in the battery menu.
But it only say 0% charged.
I tried with a known working 12" battery and this works fine.

I have read somewhere that you need to make a mod not only concerning the battery connector but also replace some components, I think I remember two or three resistors. Naturally I can not find the link to this issue, now when needing it the most!

Can someone help me?!!