iBook G4 strange booting problem

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I know G4s are infamous for booting problems, but I've read about them and mine seems a bit different. When I start up, everything goes as it should, the apple logo comes up, the little spinning circle comes up below it, the fan comes on, it makes the starting up chime sound. The problem is when it comes to the loading bar afterwards. It just stays blank instead of filling up with blue. My mouse comes up on the screen and moves, but the loading bar stays blank. Suggestions?

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Interesting. It may do you w

Interesting. It may do you well to start up with verbose output by holding Command-v at the boot chime and holding it until you start seeing all the text messages on the screen. You may be left with a message telling you where it is stopping, but I think it stops sending the text output when it starts running SystemStarter, which is when it comes up in the blue screen with the progress bar.

Did you have any network shares/servers mounted at the last boot?


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