iPod classic problems with itunes?

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Hi applefritter community. I just got an ipod classic for Christmas and now I'm having problems. Yesterday (Jan 4th, 2008) itunes kept opening by it self it was weird and thought "Oh well, its probably nothing." Well it was defiantly some thing! So the ipod is synced to my Win-tel computer and i went into itunes to see if everything was ok, and all of the sudden it brings up the welcome screen where it asks you if you want to import WMAs and what-not, so then i got worried. So I plugged in my ipod because I wanted to put the CNET Buzz Report podcast on it, but then it says that the ipod was in trouble mode (witch it wasn't!) and wanted me to restore it. So I did. Big mistake! Now it says that when ever its plugged in and i have restored it twice. I don't know what to do, and theres no Apple store around me, so help would be much obliged.



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