OS cloning and backup

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I just got a bigger hard drive, and I wanna install it so I can burn DVDs. The problem is, I cant find my OS disks. Is there a way to clone an os from one of my other hDDs? (and I really do own the software, just disorganized).

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cloning drives

I've used Carbon Copy Cloner to make HD clones, works a treat. There are other utils too, CCC is just the one I've used.

In theory, Disk Utility can do it too, but it's never worked just right fo me.

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I use Carbon Copy Cloner to m

I use Carbon Copy Cloner to make backups or new disks all the time. If you use it to make a new disk to switch to, the one thing that's hum bug is having to fix the permissions on the new drive for a lot of folders and files via File>Get Info>Ownership and Permissions>Details. Maybe there's a way to avoid that, I don't know. CCC has a forum on their website where info about that may be found, but I'm too lazy to search it.

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I'd rather use SuperDuper!

It's faster than CCC and works better imho and it's freeware, too


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Link to SuperDuper download page

I use it all the time. Easy to use, and dependable.


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ive used ccc before, and it s

ive used ccc before, and it sounds like its exactly what u need!


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yep i used ccc. now i have a

yep i used ccc. now i have a ton of folders I have to fix permissions on. also address book is not working since my importing. since I cannot find my disks, is there anyway to download a new address book application? or maybe someone could send it to me....