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I recently pulled my Classic II out of storage and have had a few problems trying to get it up and running. Basically, when it is turned on, you can hear the hard drive operate for a few seconds and then nothing. The screen displays either: a) wide black and white stripes, b) a checker-board pattern, c) hardly discernable grey and lighter grey stripes, or d) nothing at all. There is no start up chime or any other sound from the speaker. A couple of times I have left it on and gone away, only to find it has started up and everything works fine. Other times I have left it on for a day and nothing happens. I have opened it up (btw, a torx driver is not necessary - I just modified the tip of a long, thin screwdriver) and the battery is dead, but I replaced it with one that is OK and it made no difference. I have read about putting the motherboard in the dishwasher to wash off the fluid from leaking components - is this a real option? It sounds a bit scarey to me! Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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I wouldn't take the dishwashe

I wouldn't take the dishwasher option just yet. If you're got leaking capacitors, you'll need to replace them, rather than just cleaning up where they've messed.

Other posters have suggested cleaning the RAM to cure this. Pop the simms out, give the simm metal contacts a polish with a pencil eraser, and put them back in.

You've replaced the battery, so at least that's one possible cause eliminated.


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Cleaning RAM

I pulled the RAM and gave the contacts a clean, unfortunately, no change. Anything else I can try?