IIc monitor stand

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I am still wanting to get an apple iic monitor stand. I am looking for one all over. Is anyone selling one, or doesn't want one. Or know a place where I can get one?

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or eBay. Doubt there is much more than that, but those two sources are pretty great. I got mine watching CL. Good luck!



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Not the standard monitor?

I thought the standard monitor (9"?) that's used with the IIc has its own stand already. Or are you looking for the stand where the Apple IIc slides underneath and can accomodate the larger monitors?

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I am just looking for the 9"

I am just looking for the 9" monitor stand for the Apple IIc. It's the one that you can see on the front of the manual of the IIc. It's the regular 9" stand, that's all, nothing special. The stand that slides underneath the IIc, then goes up and so you can put the monitor hovering over the IIc.