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I recently attempted to update my Mac SE/30 to system 7.5.3 (19 disks total) when the upgrade crashed on disk number 5. Now it boots as normal, I get the happy mac for a few seconds, then it goes to the flashing question mark. Clearly there must be two system folders causing the problem. I have tried making a boot disk from my iBook (OS X) but I have been unsuccessful. I'm wondering if there is a special process for making the boot disk or if the files I've downloaded from the web can just be copied over to a floppy. There is talk of using "disk copy 4.2.2" but I have just been dragging the files over. I have tried copying utilities from 6.0.3 and 6.0.8 and some from system 7. But every time the SE will just eject the disk and display the disk with the flashing X. I've looked for keystrokes so as to bypass the reading of the internal hard drive and read (boot) directly from the floppy. Still no luck. I guess the fact that the hard drive light flashes rules out any problem with the internal HD.

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You weren't trying to do it o

You weren't trying to do it off of actual floppies were you? The update is made to be put all on one harddrive and mounted as a single drive image.


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I downloaded the 19 disk imag

I downloaded the 19 disk images from apple (I think) so I assumed they were to be put on 19 separate floppies. What can I do now?

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What to do . . .


Use the Apple formatting tool on the boot disk (number 1) to wipe the drive. Then start over.