Ibook g3 500mhz processor running OS 10.4

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Is the 500 mhz processor too slow for much of todays applications?..It seems like that when i try opening the simplest program (ie. safari or Itunes), the icon bounces close to 14 times before opening up. Ive cleaned this system from top to bottom, and have only a couple of songs on here. Any suggestions?(other than going out and buying a new mac of course)


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The big question is, how much RAM do you have? Leopard is very RAM intensive, so you should have the max, I believe about half a gig will fit.

You should consider running Panther, I have a 600mhz iBook dual usb running 10.3 with 256 megs ram and while it is not the fastest, it is not terribly slow either.


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It's running Tiger (from the

It's running Tiger (from the OP) and I've been running Tiger on my iBook with maxx RAM for some time. It runs ok. I've not had 10.3 on here to compare with, but I don't have much to complain about with 10.4 vs 10.2.


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My experience with multiple 5

My experience with multiple 500MHz iBooks is that Tiger runs just as well as Panther (and faster than Jaguar) as long as you have at least 512MB of RAM installed.

My recommendation would be to max out the RAM - to 576MB or 640MB, depending on whether your iBook has 6MB or 128MB of RAM soldered to the motherboard.