Stupid Question about G4 PSU

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Hi folks,

So I recently got a Gigabit Ethernet Power Mac G4. I think the PSU is dead, and I'm trying to test it.

As a first step Apple's service manual says to use a volt meter on two of the pins of the PSU connector.

BUT, the manual also says the following:

"For this verification procedure when connecting the volt meter leads to specific pins, ensure the power supply cable remains securely plugged into the power supply connector on the logic board."

SO... my question is this - how the heck to I test the pins when the PSU cable is plugged into the logic board? I've tried sticking the voltmeter's pins in through the top of the Molex PSU connector, but the PSU wires themselves are blocking the pins from making contact with the pins.

I feel so dumb - what am I missing here?

TIA for any help!


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If I need to get into the ba

If I need to get into the back of a molex, I use paperclips (make sure they're a conductive metal first Wink ), or small pieces of copper wire.
Then, put your meter probes against those.


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