detaching LCD screen Intel MacBooks (13" 2.2 or similar)

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I dont own a macbook to try this out or investigate further, nor do I have much 'under-the-hood' experience with recent macbooks, but I'm willing to give it a try - os if theres anyone out there who is familiar with the hack - any advice would be greatly appreciated!

What I need to do is detach the LCD screen, and extend the connection
(hopefully its just a ribbon cable of some sorts)

then I'm mounting the screen and the body in a custom metal enclosure.
(its for an installation / kiosk like enclosure/ with add-on touchscreen)

Does anyone know what connection(s) there are from the screen to the body (macbook 13" 2.2 or similar)

and if theres any limitations in terms of power/signal loss if I attach/extend the cable to maybe 6 to 8 inches?

- James

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solder carefully, like really

solder carefully, like really carefully


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