Need help connecting to Mac from work PC

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I need to connect to a Mac at home from a work PC running Windows XP. The home mac is running OS 10.4.

I have been googling all afternoon and playing around with the Sharing tab and Apple Remote Desktop in that tab as well as "Connect to Server" in the finder.

Any of you guys experts on this or know any websites that have step by step. All I have managed to do is get more confused.


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maybe you could...

...clear up a bit what you are trying to do. all im getting from your post is more and more confused as well Smile

what is the sense to it? what would you like your mac / the pc to do?

thx, chris


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My client uses a Windows XP m

My client uses a Windows XP machine at work and just bought a new iMac and the Windows XP operating system to install on it for her home.

She works at home one day a week so the day she is at home she needs to access her "work" pc from her house "mac".

So basically two scenarios:

one, the mac booted into XP and accessing the work PC and using the databases on the work PC and copying files

two, the mac booted into OS X and accessing the work PC to copy files

Hope that clears it up. Thanks.

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So you need to find a way to

So you need to find a way to remotely access a Windows machine (at work) from a Mac (at home)? Your first post suggests the opposite.

If you need to remotely access a PC, turn on Remote Desktop (right-click My Computer, choose Properties, click the Remote tab, enable Remote Desktop). Then, install Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection on the Mac, and connect to the PC. Assuming the work PC has an Internet-accessible IP address and the necessary ports are open, this is the simplest method.


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