How can I Install Mac OS 9.1 on a Compact Flash card, using a PCMCIA Adapter on my Powerbook 1400cs?

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I have a PB 1400cs, which used to run at 166mhz, but now has a G3 250mhz CPU upgrade fitted, a 10Gb hard drive, and 60mb of RAM.
It is currently running OS 8.6, but I have heard rumour that I could put OS 9.1 on a Compact Flash card using the PCMCIA adapter I have with it, and booting up with it in place will boot me into OS 9.1, without having to remove OS 8.6.

I have a 2Gb CF card, and a genuine working copy of OS 9.1, so how do I install this operating system on this card?

Any helpful advice on this subject will be greatfully received!



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you put the cf card/adapter i

you put the cf card/adapter in the side of the powerbook and install the os on it just like you would a new hd. Once it is installed make sure you turn off virtual memory.