New 68k WebServer up and running on the web!

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sorry, this may be a plug, but I want to let people that a 68k Webserver is up on the web.

You can find it at this link below:

Just shows you that an old 68k can serve up new webpages.

these are the specs of the mac:
PowerBook 520
25MHz 68LC040
System 7.5.5

It's serves up an iWeb page.

Sorry, I am just so proud I got it on the web, let alone a webserver.

Thanks, and sorry for the plug, just thought people would be interested


See my PB540c 33Mhz serve a website!

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Thats pretty cool. I was pre

Thats pretty cool. I was pretty pleased I could use my Performa 6115 as a local talk bridge so I can continue using my LaserWriter 360. Unfortunately my use of older PPC and 68k Macs has dropped to near zero since I now have so many G3 and newer Macs around the house.


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