Apple Pro Speakers, Pro mice and............

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I've been closet cleaning again and found more stuff

Three Sets of the Apple Pro Speakers. These are the round acrylic speakers. They work on the G4 DA, QS, MDD. iMac G4's from the 700MHz to the 1.25Gig G4 and several of the early G5's and possibly a few more Mac's. These have all been checked and are known to be in good working order. $25.00 per set. includes shipping via USPS priority mail.

Four of the Apple White Pro Mice and Four of the Apple White keyboards Model number A1048. The Mice are $11.00 each price includes shipping via USPS priority mail. The Keyboards are $25.00 each price includes shipping via USPS. Buy a set and get combined shipping.

And now for a couple of PC items

A thermatake Volcano HeatSink (Copper) with the Fan and speed controller. Xaser Edition. The controller is mounted in a bracket that mounts in the front of the PC case. I'd take $20.00 for this including shipping via USPS

Last but not least. A eMachines T2542. 2.5Gig CPU (Celeron), 1Gig Ram, nVidia GForce 420 MX PCI Video card (64Meg vram I believe), Two optical drives, DVD-Read/CD-R-RW and a CD-R-RW, 30gig HD and 6 built in USB ports 4 in the back of the case and two up front. Built in ethernet and audio the built in video has been disabled. This is a very good working machine. It does have three scratches on the plastic front on the case and these are cosmetic only. $69.95 plus $35.00 shipping via FedX Ground.

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