Where's the 68kMLA?

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Went to my bookmark and there's some placeholder web page. What's up, did they lose their domain name? Sad

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See my PB540c 33Mhz serve a website! http://yui-ikari.coius.info/

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You know, I visit Fritter on occasion to see if there are any posts of interest. I hardly ever see any so I move on, most often to 68kMLA where people, for whatever reason, post almost every single day in the classic Mac forum. Even so, I spotted this "Where's the 68kMLA" thread and thought I would give it a read.

All the while I was reading the title of this thread, I thought to myself, "Where's the AppleFritter poster"? Where are the people who used to care about coming here and actively posting and sticking to a topic? Fritter, at least as far as the "680x0 Macs and Lisa" forum (which I personally care about) is concerned, is all but a ghost town now. Fritter still exists for us to look at, but hardly anyone posts, and very few if any really interesting posts out of those that are posted.

So I cannot help but see the irony in that someone posts here, on this nearly dead forum, something about an ACTIVE classic Mac forum! Does no one else see the sick humor in that? (I in no way am bashing the author of this thread for saying this either. I just wish there were more active classic Mac forums online, not just 68kMLA alone.)

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Hear hear. O Fritter, how we

Hear hear. O Fritter, how we loved thee, and yet no more.


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