Do I have what I need?

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I just got another CC. Had one years ago. Traded it for something else. Quickly wished I'd never let it go.

Anyway, got another and have been quite amazed at everything everyone has done with their CC's. I am totally game to dive into some cool mods. I've read what I can, but before I proceed I'd like to see if I already have the stuff I need.

Here's a general list of available stuff:

6500/250 - fully functional
8500 - fully functional
PowerComputing Powerbase 180
SuperMac C700
Endless cables, small HD's, memory - it's ridiculous!

What I'd like to do is use the 6500/250 motherboard in the CC.

I've seen John Stockers mod page ( would like to patiently work towards something along those lines.

Other than some technical skills, I'm assuming I'll need another power supply. I know the 630 PSU is recommended.

Would anyone be able to shed any light as to whether any of the units I listed above have either a power supply or other parts that I might want to incorporate.

Apologize in advance if this is way too broad a question. Feel free to point me to existing content.

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I built a 6500/250 two years

I built a 6500/250 two years ago. Did the VGA mod, installed a 6500/250 board, installed 64 MB of RAM, a 10GB 7200 spin drive, floppy, stock power supply (analog board). I also installed a PCI ethernet card (faralon card). The only additional thing I installed... a power supply from an LC that was activated with a relay. I used the LC supply to run the hard drive and floppy. It fit where the speaker used to go very nicely. I ran the CRT, motherboard and ethernet on the analog board. It ran well for 6 months, I sold it to build something else, and have not seen it since.

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Apart from a PSU - not essent

Apart from a PSU - not essential unless you want to run a PCI card or G3 upgrade in the 6500 l/b - you have everything in the 6500 alone. You might want a larger SCSI drive, if you don't want to bother adding an IDE drive.

Good luck!



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