Lian-Li PC67 Aluminum ATX Case

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I purchased this for a hack but as it turns out the logic board will not fit inside this case. (PC67) Has photos.

This unit has a custom side window (plastic) that is tinted. It has 4 5.25" External Bays, 3 External 3.5" Bays and 3 Internal 3.5" Bays with twin fans and an air filter that provide airflow.

I will include a 300Watt ATX PSU with the unit, and an extra fan.

Asking 170.00 Canadian (125.00 US Aprox) Plus Shipping.

All considering I believe this is a good deal, since this case brand new is about 200 Canadian plus the cost of a Window kit.

Local pickup is allowed if you are in the GVRD area. Shipping should not be too bad since it's just the case and Aluminum is light as can be.

E-mail or PM me for information/questions.

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Joined: Dec 20 2003
Posts: 130
Reduced Price

I can't the edit button for my post in this browser, so I'm adding this comment that I have reduced price to $100.00 Canadian, which is a steal. I just want this stupid case out of here. You know how it is, when something is totally useless to you it really bugs you when it's hereting doing nothing. I am open to trades.