A new Apple II BBS....

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Yep, you read the subject line correctly. A brand new Apple II BBS has gone online for the first time in years!

I give you:

The Age of Reason BBS

Running GBBS Pro v1.3j
Proudly featuring the online adventure game Land of Spur as modified by Trajan, former sysop of Dura Europos.

New users have instant access to the game. The system is new and may still have a rough edge or two, so please have patience. If you have a problem with the BBS, please let me know!

Warning to people using generic telnet clients - the serial interface does not currently send the WILL ECHO telnet negotiation sequence, so on connect, iitt mmaayy llookk lliikkee yyoouu''vvee ggoott llooccaall eecchhoo ttuurrnneedd oonn......

I highly recommend using Syncterm which can be found here:http://syncterm.bbsdev.net/
There are pre-compile clients for Windows, OS X, Linux, *BSD and Solaris.

The Age of Reason - telnet:://aor.retroarchive.org


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I should also point out that

I should also point out that this system is running on a real Enhanced Apple IIe and not an emulator. The serial link uses a Super Serial Card and the system storage is a Focus IDE controller with a CF card installed.


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Re: A new Apple II BBS....

Do you still visit applefritter?


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