Clamshell iBook Airport Problem

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I have a 466 firewire iBook with an original airport card installed and 10.3.9. Airport worked fine and connected to my network. Gave the iBook to my niece. They added a wireless network at their house (not sure what brand, not Apple) and she could not get the iBook to see or connect. After trying to troubleshoot over the phone without success, I had her send it back. Hardware test says the airport card is fine, I can turn it on and off but it does not see or connect to my network. I can create a network on the iBook but none of my other computers can see it. I've tried re-seating the card and the antennae connecter without success. I don't have another original airport card to swap. Any suggestions?


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Try this

Try using the utility MacStumbler @

Cheers, Tom