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Can someone recommend a good screen saver?

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re:Screen Protector

I don't believe that I have ever heard of a screen saver written for the Apple I computer. I would be a simple job to program, though. I'm thinking that a short BASIC or assembly program that would type a line of text, then check for a key-stroke to end the routine, and repeat the text line. The scrolling text should easily prevent the screen burn-in. The only problem I would want to consider, is the start-up of the program. Since the Apple I computer does not come with a timer, the user would have to start the screen-saver each time it was needed. As fast as the boot-up is on the Apple-I, it might be just as easy to turn off the computer or just turn off the monitor.

Larry Nelson


Larry Nelson

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Here's one

This one is made to look like the movie "The Matrix"

10 DIM A$(64)
20 A$="!@#$%^&*()+{}|:<>?/.,';][\=-1234567890ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"
30 GOSUB 1000
40 TAB 3:GOSUB 1000
50 TAB 5:GOSUB 1000
60 TAB 7:GOSUB 1000
70 TAB 10:GOSUB 1000
80 TAB 13:GOSUB 1000
90 TAB 15:GOSUB 1000
100 TAB 17:GOSUB 1000
110 TAB 20:GOSUB 1000
110 TAB 23:GOSUB 1000
120 TAB 25:GOSUB 1000
130 TAB 27:GOSUB 1000
140 TAB 30:GOSUB 1000
150 TAB 33:GOSUB 1000
160 TAB 35:GOSUB 1000
170 TAB 38:GOSUB 1000
1000 A=RND(64)+1:PRINT A$(A,A);:RETURN
1010 END




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