12in ibook won't stay powered on

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I'm kind of new to Mac's--or at least to the hacking/building/upgrading part. So bare with me. I bought a G3 ibook, and after finally getting the administrator password reset, decided to install 10.4 on it. Well, I had ordered new memory to upgrade from 156 to 512, but I haven't received it yet, and therefore it hasn't been installed. After the initial "your computer will restart and then installation will continue", the ibook would restart, get to the apple screen and then shut down. Eventually I figured out that how to get the cd to eject, and now it is doing the same thing--even if I push apple+S and get it into text mode--it stays powered on for about 30 seconds and shuts down.
I'm assuming this is happening because I was dumb and impatient and wouldn't wait for my memory to arrive--now the computer is looking for a boot disk (the 10.4 being too memory intensive for it to run) and it can't find one. Am I right, or did I screw up something else? Please let me know...I can get my hands on a 10.3 bootdisk, but it will take a while.

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I don't think the lack of RAM

I don't think the lack of RAM would cause it to shut down. Maybe crash, but not power off. It could be a power issue.


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Have you tried just booting f

Have you tried just booting from the CD? Maybe something got botched during the install process.


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Some Questions

1. What model iBook G3? Some iBooks require a firmware update before installing OS X. You need to check if your Mac requires a firmware (Boot ROM version in System Profiler) update. Mac OS X: Available firmware updateshttp://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=86117 If an update is required, the update must be installed (using OS 9) BEFORE you install OS X.

2. What Tiger install disc did you use? A retail imnstaller (black with silver X) or model specific installer (gray)?

3. What OS was on the iBook prior to the install? Would it boot OK using that OS?

4. When you installed Tiger did you erase the hard drive? Or if you did an Archive & Install, was there sufficient free space on the hard drive?

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