Recover data from "unreadable" 400K MFS disk?

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I've got kind a tricky problem. I've got a 400k MFS Microsoft BASIC 3.0 disk from 1986. It's part of a set of 4. It's three brothers are working to this day, but this one disk will not mount. I've tried it in three different disk drives recently, and it's overall, I've tried it in the disk drive of every Mac I own, and every OS from 1.1g up to System 7.5.

But something made me suspect that though the disk won't mount on the desktop, there's still data on it which can be recovered.

So, my question is: like hard drive recovery utilities, are there floppy disk recovery utilities that would allow me to scan the disk and see if any files are recoverable?


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MFS Utilities

There is a list of old recovery software here:

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Charlieman, what is your exact data recovery procedure when using Fedit on damaged 400k MFS floppies?