G4 Mac Mini - VGA is red and blurry- DVI is ok

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So, I scored this G4 Mac Mini for really cheap (less than $100) because there's a problem with the VGA output. It seems to be red only. DVI works fine, but the adapter for S-Video doesn't detect at all.

My idea was that maybe it was something similar to the Ibook freeze problem and I could overheat the thing and it would reflow itself. But that could be VERY bad too.

Any ideas?

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I'm sure I saw something on t

I'm sure I saw something on this...(I lean away from the post to do a Google search)

...okay, this link notes Apple received complaints about the mini's VGA compatibility.

As per the link, a third party DVI->VGA might be a solution.

If it doesn't turn out that Apple's done something non-standard with their hardware that's mucking up the analog signal, I'd look at the video connector before considering anything more drastic. It's a small, light little box, and I can see how easy it would be for it to have dropped off a desk onto the connector and popped one or two solder joins on the DVI connector.


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Thanks eeun for trying to help!

Sorry, should have specified this:

It's a first generation g4 1.25

Already did the googlefu routine.

I also remember this article and found it in my initial search.

Also, there WAS a thing with red video on G4 Mac Mini, but that was apparently not popular enough to merit being held in the cultural subconsciousness

My question was more "anybody remember a quick fix" or a macfixit article about this" because I'd already tried the different VGA adapters, gone to the Apple store, and took a look at the connector.

RE: The connector itself...nothing looked out of wack or felt soft, but I thought I'd ask around before goofing it up further with a soldering iron.