mac mini cpu upgrade limits

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Just bought my first intel mac! Its a mac mini with core duo 1.6 cpu. I have read stuff at xlr8 about cpu upgrades in these, and I think I could do one. Im wondering what the theoretical limit for such an upgrade might be. could i throw one of the core 2 duo 3.0s that I see on ebay for less than $200, for instance?

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With the Intel Mac minis, my

With the Intel Mac minis, my understanding is that you're limited to Socket M-type mobile CPUs. The newest generation of Core 2 mobile CPUs come in the Socket P package, which looks similar to but is not compatible with Socket M.

The other thing to keep in mind is heat; the mini has a relatively small heatsink, with no heat pipe. Unless you want the fan in the mini running full blast all the time, something closer to the 2GHz end, rather than the 3GHz end, would be better suited.

The best upgrades you can do to your mini are to max out the RAM (2GB) and install a faster hard drive. The original hard drives in those are 5400rpm 2.5" SATA; I dropped a 7200rpm drive in mine and, along with 2GB of RAM, it's quite speedy even with its original 1.6GHz Core Duo. I think the only reason I'd want to swap out the CPU in mine would be to take advantage of running a 64-bit OS.


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tahnks for the info. Its alre

tahnks for the info. Its already maxed out with ram 2GB. (but im gonna check out the 3GB rumour) But i was just wondering what the theoretical limit was. I dont think ill swap it out anytime soon.

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Limits are subjectives

I'd buy a MacMini last year and intent to do the same.

When I buy my iMac (a long time ago) the manual indicates a 128MB of RAM limit (64+64). Now I got 384 (128 + 256 high profile). Almost everybody put 512 (256 + 256 low profile) so Tiger runs better (also should not even run). There is rumors of more...

So MacMini MAY be limited by 2GB, maybe not...