Is it possible to use a Y-cable on an Apple IIe to connect two 2-button joysticks?

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I see some 9-pin Y-cables for sale on Ebay and was wondering if those could be used to connect two 2-button joysticks to an Apple IIe at the same time. I am not interested in 2 player gaming at the same time, but in having the ability to try out 2 different joysticks while playing in single player mode without having to disconnect one and connect the other.


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If its a male connector and two females on the "Y", I don't see why you couldn't do what you want. As long as you're only using one joystick at a time it's only sending one set of signals.

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I suspect the Y-cable may be wired to split Pin 5 (X Axis), Pin 8 (Y Axis), Pin 7 Pushbutton for Joystick 1 and Pin 4 (X Axis), Pin 9 (Y Axis), Pin 1 Pushbutton for Joystick 2. If this is the case then your software will need to have support for the second joystick and have an option to switch between the two. An alternative may be to use a straight through extension cable where you manually change the joysticks or use a 9 pin serial switch box.

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