Want to use a NON-AUTOSTART F-8 ROM in a IIe or //e Enhanced System.

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Ok everybody... I have been toying with this idea for some time now but have not been able to get any advice or direction on how to complete this idea. The idea is to use a NON-AUTOSTART F-8 ROM inside a //e or //e enhanced system. I already have the Eprom FILE for it , just need to know if it is supposed to burn on a 2716 EPROM or what? Since the //e's are so versitile as far as memory and other things go , this would be the Apple of choice when it comes to using a NON-AUTOSTART F-8 ROM! I have read bits and peices here and there on the net covering this topic but never any full conclusion as to getting it to work. So if anyone in here knows how to acomplish this idea that would be awsome.




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The II or II+ used six 2k ROM

The II or II+ used six 2k ROMs while the IIe used two 8k ROMs or one 16k ROM so there's no place to put a 2716 EPROM. I guess you could modify the IIe ROM code to that purpose but that's a lot of work. Best bet would be a II+.
Incidentally, 2716s aren't pin compatible with the ROMs in a II or II+, you need to use an adapter.