FS: Apple Macintosh Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh Loaded with extras. TAM

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For sale is a TAM with a 500mhz G3 upgrade, 128mb RAM, CommSlot Ethernet, an installed external Monitor connector, a 120gb 7200 RPM Hitachi drive with 9.1 on the drive, and it has been modified so that it will display millions of colors at 800x600 on the internal display. It has the remote, an original CD in the shrink-wrap, and the "fat back" pre-installed. It is ready to go, is in Near-Mint shape with No Nicks! No Sub-woofer issues! It does not have the original small back, and it does not have the pen-set. I never used the original keyboard, and don't know where it is. I always used an Apple Ergo Keyboard with it. The 5300 style keyboard it used is a spongy POS. Asking $1300.00 or best offer, otherwise it goes on Yahoo Japan. Smile Pics available.

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Re: FS: Apple Macintosh Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh ...

Can I buy it what price send some pics to Mac

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Re: FS: Apple Macintosh Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh ...

Thanks to masonticehurst for resurrecting this zombie post.

You modified your TAM for millions of colors at 800x600... What exactly is that mod?



Read the 5300 FAQ: http://www.alksoft.com/5300_FAQ/
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Re: FS: Apple Macintosh Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh ...

ATI January 2002 Retail Driver download

ATI drivers 2.zip, 14.2 MB


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