Started working on my Apple 1 clone

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Hi All,

If anyone is interested in watching progess, I started to put together the Apple 1 clone. I started with just the bare board, no kit.

I've included pictures:

So basically I'm scrounging for parts... so far so good with the exception of 2 components:

2519B - 40 bit static shift register
MR500 diodes (or A14F) [ Will NE125 work? ]

So if anyone knows of any equivalents/cross-reference for the above components, please post!


John Calande


John Calande

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My 1982 RCA Sk series cross r

My 1982 RCA Sk series cross reference lists the following info

MR500 - replacement SK9003/5800
A14F - replacement SK3051/156

SK9003/5800 is a Si Axial-Lead Rectifier rated at 3 Amp/50 Volts, DO-27 package. Forward voltage drop is 1 volt

SK3051/156 - has similar characteristics but is rated to 1000V

So it appears that you need a silicon diode rated to at least 3AMP and 50 volts that will work in a space on a PC intended for a DO-27 package.

Mike Willegal