where have all the CC web pages gone?

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It seems that all the japanese pages along with Stuart's site have disappeared since my last CC web search. Have I missed something? What has happened?



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No idea, but I noticed all th

No idea, but I noticed all the cool japanese websites with Nubus card pictures seem to have gone away as well.

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Seeing as the height of Color

Seeing as the height of Color Classic hacking was almost 10 years ago, it's not terribly surprising to see the sites disappearing. Most were hosted by each author's ISP, so as folks have switched ISPs their old accounts get wiped along with their hosted Web space. It's bound to happen.

That said, Applefritter is still as committed to the Color Classic as ever; the more information we can amass here, the more accessible it can be for others. This thread got off to a great start, but fizzled out; perhaps a few folks would like to take up the task again?


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almost all gone

Huh. None of my bookmarks are working except for this one:


...which also linked to a web archive version of Stuart's site:


Just saved both of them as Firefox web archives.


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If anybody has archives of th

If anybody has archives of the missing sites (or can find them on archive.org) we can try to contact the author and repost them here.



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Re: If anybody has archives of th

I've started a parallel thread about this, and about the related disappearance of Apple's 68k and PPC dev notes, over at the 68kMLA.


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