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Dell Dual 166MHZ Server SP5-166-2 128MB RAM 2x10GB CD ROM, Mandrake Linux 9.2 Asking $50 + Shipping

Mac PowerBook Duo 230
Duo Dock
$25 + Shipping

Compaq SCSI Raid Array Rackmount QTY:2
Holds 10x UW SCSI Drives. Can be used with a mac if you have a UW SCSI Card. Asking $15 each + Shipping

HP ScanJet 6100c SCSI Scanner Includes Mac Drivers $10 + Shipping
HP ScanJet 4P & 4C Scanners $10 + Shipping

Mac PowerBook 180
$15 + Shipping

PowerBook 520c Digital Picture Frame
320MB HD 36MB RAM Ethernet Asking $50

Mac Quadra 840AV Motherboard. Maxed VRAM 32MB onboard $10

PowerMac 7100/80 Motherboard w/ MaxPower G3 PDS Upgrade & Video Adapter 128MB RAM onboard asking $35

Miscellaneous CD ROM Drives IDE & SCSI $10 Shipped
Misc PCI Video Cards $7 Shipped

leave me an IM on here if interested


CustoATX Beige G3 Tower w/ Panther DT Beige G3 266 w/ Panther 128k,512k,Plus, SE, SE FDHD, SE/30, Classic, Classic II, Color Classic, eMate 300, Newton 100, Apple IIc, PB 540, Digital Picture frame.

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Hey, I left you a private message about the Dell server.


iPod video 30gb| MacBook 2.2ghz, 2gb ram, 120gb, leopard/XP Pro , superdrive | Mac Mini 1.42PPC, 1gb, 80gb, combo, leopard