Can I Limit My SE/30 Processor Speed To Run Certain Software at the Correct Speed?

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Hi there, I have an SE/30 with a 16mhz processor and a Classic with a 8MHz processor. They both run system 6.0.5. My problem is I want to run some of the same software from my Classic on my SE/30, but the 16MHz processor speed in the Se/30 makes some programs run way too fast or crash. Is there any way to limit the processor speed like in some other Apple models? One I know that can do this is the IIGS..where you can run it at normal or enhanced speed. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!

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Normally, no

Unfortunately, there is no utility I know of to slow the 16MHz processor to enable older games to plan on an SE/30 as they once did on an 8Mhz 68000 Mac. But, there are some games that did give you a menu option to "slow down" such that you could play the game in pretty much the same way as you did before. But games that don't have such a "slow down" command will simply be too fast to play.

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Looks like we have two thread

Looks like we have two threads going about the same topic. I'm going to lock this one for now, and suggest that you continue in the other thread (since there are more posts in it):


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