iBook G4 LCD Replacement URGENT PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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I bought a 12" 1.33ghz iBook. It works perfectly but has a cracked
LCD. I bought an LCD from an earlier model iBook off of here to
replace. The only thing I replaced on the 1.33ghz iBook was the panel.
I used all the existing cables and housing. The problem is that when I
put the non-cracked panel in, the LVDS cable gets burning hot. I
thought these panels were interchangeable. What gives?

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re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AFAIK, the earlier G3 models all use the same cable/panel pinouts, but the G4 iBooks have several different cable+panels and they are not all interchangable (as you have discovered.)

If you are going to use the old cable, you need to get the same model panel as you replaced. Otherwise, use the cable that came with (or should have come with) the new panel.

I'd be surprised though if the 'new' panel is any good now, that hot cable means alot of energy going where it shouldn't have gone.

good luck,

dan k


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