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I've been checking the Mini auctions on eBay and have noticed this seller:


If you scroll down and check his sales you'll see that he's selling one "fully loaded" Mac after another, and when you check out the auctions you'll see that what it looks like he's doing is simply getting Macs cheap somehow and then cloning the same hard drive onto them over and over again. Final Cut Express, Parallels with Windows, Microsoft Office 2008, and much more! Wow, what a deal!

Is it my imagination, or is this guy making a business simply on disseminating great bundles of cloned software? Could there be anything legit about this? It's expensive here in the middle of the Pacific. Takes some creativity to survive. I wonder what kind of deal he's made with Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, and much more!

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I assume this post is tongue-in-cheek in suggesting that there could be even the *slightest* thing legit about this guy. Unless he's including the factory packaging (including the holographic stickers with the license keys on them in the case of Windows) for every scrap of software he's bundling he's a pirate. Plain and simple.

The selling prices for the hardware are themselves disturbingly low. Low enough to make one wonder if he's fencing, although it seems odd he'd post the serial numbers openly.

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All of the software he's incl

All of the software he's including is pirated. If you wanna screw him over, report him to the Business Software Alliance. Otherwise, he's just another in a long line of people selling stolen crap on eBay.


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