Newspaper story about Apple's "Lost Founder"

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The San Jose Mercury News published a story yesterday about Ronald Wayne, the "third cofounder" of Apple Computer, Inc. Figured it might interest some of the readers of this forum.

(He had a 10% founding stake in the company for a whopping 12 days before bailing out, panicked that creditors might come after him if the "Byte Shop" didn't pay for the first 50 Apple I's they ordered and the company folded. Oops.)

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Wayne was also interviewed in

Wayne was also interviewed in the documentary Welcome to Macintosh, in which Applefritter also gets a nice plug.


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don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but...

"'I don't waste my time getting frustrated about things that didn't work out,' he says." "He has never owned an Apple computer, or any Apple product, and when Wayne recently bought his first desktop, it was a Dell." Note: founded Apple Computer--1976, bought his first desktop--2010?

Well, that's a really good way to not get frustrated.

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Newspaper story about Apple's "Lost Founder"

The story also ran in my home town paper the Ogden Standard Examiner This past Sunday. What I found interesting was that Ron Wayne acted as the mediator between Woz and Jobs. I guess the force was strong in Woz. Another surprizing minor revelation was that Wayne was 42 years old when the events transpired and all this time I thought it was a young man's game! Well now at least I know who wrote the Apple 1 operator's manual and developed the original apple logo.