Stuffit in executable format?

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Well, thanks to some folks in this forum, I have been able to get my TAM up and running on the Internet with its Ethernet cable. Thanks to all who helped.

However, I need Stuffit (probably ver. 5.5) to get much of the software I want to download from the Internet onto my TAM (OS 7.6.1). Can anybody point me to a link where I can download Stuffit expander in an executable format? I just need to be able to grab it in my browser on the TAM and then execute to have it loaded rather. I don't have Maczip, Stuffit or any of those yet on the TAM. What is the best solution?


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You could find someway to use

You could find someway to use your mini to unstuff stuffit and somehow xfer them over to the TAM. but if you can do that with your mini just get stuffit from system7today. right now you are in a catch 22. but this should be easy to get out of since your TAM can access the network now.

I haven't found a .sea of stuffit yet. right now any version you can get would be helpful in getting version 5.5, and you are right you do need 5.5 for allot of files.


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