128k Mac that was upgraded to 1024k

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Hey! I have an original 128k Mac that I had upgraded to a Mac Plus? (1024k). Anyhow, it boots up, but the the screen doesn't work anymore and I was told that it was probably the power supply. Any idea how I might fix this or is it a lost cause. It would be cool to get it to work again.

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128k PSU

Hi Sparksman,

I'd suggest a cursory inspection of the analog board (it should be obvious which one this is, it has the IEC power socket etc on it) to look for cold / cracked solder joints.

The Mac 128k isn't particularly well cooled and the analog board will have been subject to a lot of thermal cycling in its life.

If you can't fix the board, the analog board from a 512k or Plus should be a drop-in replacement (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

Standard disclaimers regarding high voltages, fires, and knowing what you're doing apply.