G3 iMac Video In?

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I run 2 PC's and an iMac G3 through a USB KVM switch by using the video out from the iMac. This is a pain because it means I need to have an external monitor as well as the iMac. I was wondering if it is possible to somehow interrupt the input to the iMac's built in CRT and feed it from an external source (ie the KVM switch) That way I can get rid of my monitor and just use the iMac which "looks" a whole lot better anyway

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What version of iMac?

I can at least speak for the Rev A and B versions. It is very easy for you to remove the bottom cover and expose access to the belly pan. On the back, you could simply disconnect the video cable and plug it into your switch. You would need to plug a new cable into the socket to get the video signal FROM your iMac. You will not have much room to work with, but it is a thought.

Let me know if I lost you on that.

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Okay, I don't know what revis

Okay, I don't know what revision iMac I have, it's a slot loading type with a combo drive. Don't know how much RAM it came with or what OS cos I upgraded it to 10.3 and put a bigger drive and more RAM in it as soon as I got it. I took the bottom cover off and from the exposed side of the mother board (without removing the motherboard) there doesn't appear to be the cable that you mention.

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What the other guy is talking

What the other guy is talking about is only for the "tray loaders" and what you have is a slot loading cdrom drive. The two are compleatly difrent beasts, and what he is saying doesn't apply to your computer. As far as I know, you cannot drive the imac monitor externaly, no matter what kind.


It must be user error.